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Crostini con salsiccia di maiale e stracchino


Reading this article in The New York Times brought back childhood memories of eating raw pork meat. One of the treats at my grandmother’s place was a piece of bread with raw, minced pork meat on it and heavily dusted with a huge amount of salt. And when my mother was preparing polpettini that were meant for the soup, I would always help her to roll the little balls, probably eating every other ball I made. Health issues were a different matter and of little concern in those days. The other day I was frying some pork sausages, and one didn’t fit into the pan. Lucky me, I pinched the meat out of the sausage casing, and ate it just like that, with a little sea salt sprinkled on it. With a good quality sausage (right proportion lean meat and fat, and balanced seasoning) this is heaven on earth.

This recipe is hugely popular throughout Italy, (although every region claims the original version). It even has a Facebook fan page with more than 20.000 fans!

The success relies on a good quality sausage meat. Some stracchino cheese is mixed with the meat and you then spread the mixture onto pieces of bread, pop them in a preheated oven for 10 to 15 minutes (long enough for the meat to cook through, so no health concerns here), and that’s it.

Although when I prepare them, there will always be at least one crostino with just raw meat and salt on it: for me!

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  1. Stefania says

    I love Salsiccia con Crostini. I just wrote about this recipe in my blog. Funny. I did not know that it is that famous. I got it from my friend in Florence and I never saw it before…. it´the most delicious and easy Antipasti to do 🙂 if you do not find the Stracchino Cheese (like me sometimes in Germany) try it with normal spread cheese. It is not the same but still good. Buon Appetito. Steffi

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