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Coccoli – Bread dough fritters


Recently, while dining in a restaurant in Tuscany,  I was reminded how delicate these bread dough fritters can be.  They were served as part of the antipasto misto, and went perfectly with the salumi.

The recipe is straightforward, and does not vary much throughout the regions of Italy where they are popular.  Sometimes milk is used, but not always, and in some recipes you will find an egg added to the dough.  However the name and the shape of these fritters vary a lot, and is often a cause of confusion.

In Firenze they are called coccoli, but in other parts of Tuscany they can be called panzanelle, panzerotti or ficattole, and sometimes they are described as pasta fritta.


  • 300 g flour
  • 30 g yeast
  • 40 g butter or lard
  • small glas of milk
  • salt

Prepare a classic bread dough with the ingredients. Form into a ball, and let rest for a few hours. Roll into small balls and fry in hot olive oil.  Don’t let them fry for too long, or they will get chewy.  Drain thoroughly, and serve hot, sprinkled with some extra salt.

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